Artist by Niko Yulis


Nikoláos Yulis is an American multidisciplinary artist of Greek and Argentinian decent who’s work span from drawing and painting, to sculpture and ceramics, this last discipline being the one he is most recognized for. He has been exhibiting for over 20 years in different locations around the country and internationally, and resides in South Florida where he shares his knowledge as a Professor at Broward College.

Niko Yulis - Artist


I spend my energy on creating and that dedication is part of the whole experience of Art.

The effort is the string that connects my work, not a style, theme nor medium. The great need to express observations motivates a prolific work ethic.

I do not differentiate between the disciplines of art, creating across them in hopes the diversity brought by this exploration gives each process the ability to inform the other to create a new unique conversation.

Everything starts with a line in a sketchbook, with accumulation it leads to an image. Each sketch generates its own life, it is that dialogue between images and reflection that gives real shape to an idea. Eventually, that record of events brings me to the next individual body of work.




Ceramics is Niko's passion, and each piece he conceives is created to be a conversation piece.
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Niko's multidisciplinary work allowed him to use graphite, charcoal, or any drawing material to master a unique artwork.
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Niko explores the combination of medium and style.
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Niko’s sculptures are made with passion, creativity, and mixed media.
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